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jaxml::CGI_document Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for jaxml::CGI_document:

jaxml::HTML_document jaxml::XML_document jaxml::_TAGGED_document

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Detailed Description

This class defines a CGI document.

it inherits from the HTML_document class, but more methods are present

Definition at line 952 of file jaxml.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def __str__

Private Member Functions

def _auth_type
def _content_length
def _content_type
def _do_nothing
def _document_root
def _envvar
def _gateway_interface
def _http_accept
def _http_referer
def _http_user_agent
def _log_message
def _log_message_and_exit
def _output
def _path_info
def _path_translated
def _query_string
def _remote_addr
def _remote_host
def _remote_ident
def _remote_user
def _request_method
def _script_name
def _server_name
def _server_port
def _server_protocol
def _server_software
def _set_content_disposition
def _set_content_type
def _set_debug
def _set_expires
def _set_pragma
def _set_redirect
def _set_status

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

dictionary __possibleargs = {"version": "1.0", "encoding": "iso-8859-1", "content_type": "text/html", "content_disposition": "", "expires": "", "pragma": "", "redirect": "", "status": "", "statmes": "", "debug": None}

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