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def jaxml::CGI_document::__init__ (   self,
Initialise local datas.

Definition at line 960 of file jaxml.py.

        Initialise local datas.
        #translate keyword argument 'debug' to 'debug_file' to not break API
        if args.has_key("debug") :
            if args.has_key("debug_file"):
                #in case both arguments 'debug' and 'debug_file' are given, the latter wins
            else :
                args["debug_file"] = args.pop("debug")
        for key in self.__possibleargs.keys() :
                if args.has_key(key) :
                        value = args[key]
                else :
                        value = self.__possibleargs[key]
                setattr(self, "__" + key + "__", value)

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